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September 19, 2008


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Who does not know durian. It is a unique fruit with the sweet unique taste and odor. Because of the strong odor, many people do not like this fruit, but quite a lot of them love it. However, durian is also a pretty “controversial” fruit. We must all have heard the myth that eating durian can cause a stroke, especially for people suffering with high blood pressure. What is the truth about this common belief? Let’s figure it out in the article.

Durian (Surio zibenthinus Murr) is one of plants that grows on the tropical areas. The name “durian” was assumed coming from a Malay term “duri” (means thorn) and given the word “an” as the suffix, so it became “durian”. The word has come to the meaning of a fruit whose skin is filled with sharp thorns.

Durian is widely known in Southeast Asia as the King of Fruits. It is known to have been consumed since prehistoric time in the region, but has only been known to the western world for about 600 years.

Not only consumed fresh alone, durian flesh can also be processed into many kinds of dishes. We often see ice durian, durian flavored candy, and it even processed into one of Indonesian food ingredients called tempoyak. Tempoyak is some kind of paste made from durian flesh that has been salted and left for a few days before it is ready to be cooked.


We have assumed that durian is quite a fatty fruit. It turned out that the fruit contains only 3% of fat. Even the content of fat inside avocado is about twice of it, around 6.5%. Durian also contains high amount of sugar, vitamin C, potassium, and the serotoninergic amino acid tryptophan. It is also a ggod source of carbohydrates, and proteins. The content of phosphor and iron inside the fruit are about 10 times of the same substances contained in bananas.

From the strong odor many believe that durian contained alcohol. Is it true? Several studies about the case did find alcohol, such as ethanol and methanol inside the fruit but the compound is known to be unstable, can easily evaporate and disappear. There are some people who hastily associate the strong odor of durian with the amount of alcohol contained inside it. They believe that the stronger it smells, the higher the amount of alcohol inside it. However, up to this day there is still no agreement yet about the cause of the strong odor.

In 1995, Wong and Tie, in their research, had found 63 compounds that can easily evaporate (volatile compounds), including 30 esters, 5 ketones, and 16 sulfur compounds, which took the part on producing the odor of durian. But they never found any compounds of ethanol, methanol, ethyl metacrylate and other sulfur compounds, which had been mentioned by earlier researchers. From the researches can be concluded that consuming durian would not give the effect of intoxicated, unlike consuming liquors.

There is also a belief that consuming durian can make your body feel warm or sometimes hot. This actually depends on how many durians a person consumes. Durian does produce pretty high amount of calories; 100 grams of durian flesh produces about 124-18805 calories. So, it is not a surprise if you consume durian in quite high amount, for example 300 grams, the calorie it produces can reach up to 500. This obviously will make the body feel warm or even hot. This fact has made many people believe that durian can also function as an aphrodisiac fruit.

What about the belief among people that durian can be lethal for people with high-blood pressure and a bad heart condition? The truth is, up to this day, there is still no scientific proof published claimed what substances contained in durian that can cause the stroke or heart attack. It is actually not the durian that causes the illnesses, but how many it is being consumed. Dr. Santoso Karo-Karo, SpJP, a cardiologist from RS Harapan Kita said that he had never forbid his patients from eating durians, as long as they eat it moderately, not too much.

So, once again, the key of consuming any food is moderation. Never consume anything more than we should. This obviously also works with durians. However, we left all the decision to you. We are not here to suggest you to consume durian. In the end, it is you and your doctor who know what’s is the best food for you to maintain your health.



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Priukers, on July 2008 Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) has appointed a new president of the organization. Yes, he is Henry Alexie Bloem, or we all know him more as Chef Bloem. We have a little questions and answers session with Chef Bloem about this issue. Here is the report

On July 2008 Chef Henry Alexie Bloem is officially holding the position as the new President of Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) for the period of 2008-2012. He was appointed to take the position due to the resignation of ICA President for the period of 2007-2012.

Asked about his feeling toward the new position Chef Bloem said he feels nothing special about it. It is because he has been in the culinary industry for more than 20 years now. And he was the Vice President of Bali Culinary Professional (BCP) in 2002-2005. Moreover, from 2003 up to 2007, he became the President of IJUMPI (Ikatan Juru Masak Profesional), an organization for professional cooks, in Bali. Chef Bloem was also chosen as the Vice President of ICA for period of 2007-2012. This is mostly why he had to take the presidential seat. Due to the rapid activities of ICA’s President 2007-2012, he had resigned from the job and handed over the task in ICA completely to the Vice President. So, automatically Chef Bloem will carry on the task of ICA leadership starting from July 2008 until 2012.

So, a presidential position is not something new for Chef Bloem. This is why he does not feel anything special about it. On the other hand, Chef Bloem thinks that this is going to be one great challenge with more difficult tasks for him in the future.

When asked about his mission as the President of ICA, Chef Bloem answered that the missions of the association come first. He will try to equate the profession of chefs or cooks in Indonesia like any other professions, such as doctor, lawyer, and more. The other mission is to promote the dignity and prestige of Indonesian chefs/ cooks, so they will be more appreciated nationally and internationally so that Indonesian chefs can compete professionally along with chefs from foreign countries, who work in Indonesia. This is because everyday, the more foreign chefs come and work in Indonesia and become quite a competition for the local chefs. With ICA, Chef Bloem would like to conserve the Indonesian culinary culture, especially Indonesian traditional recipes so that Indonesian traditional foods will be known widely in national and international level.

Chef Bloem stated that cooking is a very crucial profession in the Indonesian tourism industry. For him, a chef/ cook is an artist who doing his job by “pouring” his creation, feeling, and experience, to create tasteful cuisines. This is why ICA try to unite Indonesian chefs, not only the ones that currently live and work in Indonesia, but also those who live and work abroad. Hopefully all of them will gather themselves in the organization, for the development of the Chef profession in the country, to be able to compete internationally.

Chef Bloem, currently is also busied with his new restaurant, which was just opened last May, Bloem’s The Waroeng, located at Jimbaran – Bali. After resigning from the hotel where he worked as the Executive Chef, he automatically runs The Waroeng himself. Other than that he was trusted to be a consultant for several restaurants and villas in Bali.

Back to The Waroeng, Chef Bloem shared the story about the favorite menus the restaurant offers. The Waroeng serves various cuisines, from Asian to Western specialties. For the Indonesia foods, he specifically highlighted on Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup), and Nasi Goreng Djenggo. While for the Western, he suggested Goulash Soup, Barbeque Pork Spare Ribs, and Tenderloin Steak. Chef Bloem stated that even though The Waroeng uses local meat, but the tenderness can be compared with imported products.

When asked about whether he has thought to expand his restaurant business outside Bali, Chef Bloem said that he still has not thought about the idea. He is still working on creating a trade mark for The Waroeng. Perhaps, after The Waroeng is widely known, he will think about opening branches outside the island.

Priuk.Com Team and all Priukers would like to congratulate Chef Henry Alexie Bloem for his new position as the President of Indonesian Chef Association for the period of 2008-2012. We all hope with his leadership, the world of Indonesian culinary and chefs will be more recognized through out the world.


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What kind of water do you drink everyday? Are you sure that it is the best for your health? Lets check it out.

In this article, you’ll be informed about kinds of water to consume. There are many kinds of water based on the source and the making process. Different kinds of water have surprising facts about their positives and negatives. What is the best kind of water to drink actually? To answer this question, we’ll go deeper by discussing the most common types of water to drink.


Distilled water is water that has all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving most if not all solid contaminants behind. You lose a primary source of necessary minerals in your diet, and further, because the water has lost its own minerals; it attracts and grabs minerals within your body, causing a mineral deficit. Besides, it should be stored carefully. No container is completely inert. Because of its’ “aggressiveness,” distilled water will combine with some of whatever the container is made of. Glass is the most inert material for containers, and therefore the safest. Though distilled water is routinely sold in plastic bottles, there is a tendency for the plastic to enter the water over a period of time.


Tap water (running water) is part of indoor plumbing. In Indonesia, tap water is not clean enough to drink. It has to be boiled at home. In many areas, fluoride is added to the tap water as a means to improve public dental health. Besides, tap water may contain Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium and may provide clinically important portions of the recommended dietary intake of these minerals. But boiling it may not remove unessential minerals or ions in it although it might kill bacteria.


Mineral water is water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value. Salts, sulfur compounds, and gases are among the substances that can be dissolved in the water. Mineral water can often be effervescent. Mineral water can be prepared or can occur naturally. In our country, it is far more common for mineral waters to be bottled at source for distributed consumption. A spring is a point where groundwater flows out of the ground, and is thus where the aquifer surface meets the ground surface. Minerals become dissolved in the water as it moves through the underground rocks. This may give the water flavor and even carbon dioxide bubbles. This is why spring water is often bottled and sold as mineral water, although the term is often the subject of deceptive advertising.

Is it safe to consumed bottled mineral or spring water? The answer is surprisingly, no. If you pay attention to the way they distribute the bottled or plastic packaged water, you will be agree that it is not safe. Along the distribution (on trucks), it is exposed to sun which will support the growth of bacteria inside. Besides, don’t forget that plastics, the packaging material that it uses, can be dissolved with water.

So, what is the safest water to drink? Based on the pros and contras above, it is better for you to drink tap water filtered by water treatment device. There are many kinds of water treatment device in market. A good water treatment device will sterilize the water, eliminate dangerous element, and kill bacteria in the water. As having it in your place, you can drink the water directly after it comes out from the device. So it is surely fresh.

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